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County Commissioner Henderson’s name left off of some ballots


Tipton County Tribune Correspondent

It was discovered early on Election Day that yet another issue had been found with the county’s voting ballots (just after voting began it was discovered that the County School Board members were only listed on their precincts ballots. The error was corrected on the ballots and machines and voters were contacted).  The County Commissioner race only had one person running which was Dennis Henderson. He was only listed on his precincts’ ballot. Everyone in the county should have been voting for County Commissioner. Henderson was listed on all of the ballots in the Spring Primary.

He was unopposed, which is good; however, his percentage of votes will be very low. His name only shows up on Wildcat, Madison 1 and Madison 2. He is not listed on any of the seven Cicero precincts, Jefferson 2 (in and out of town), Jefferson 1, Prairie or Liberty 1 and 2.

That means Henderson would have had a potential of  9,763 votes county-wide and only received 695 from the three precincts which were able to vote for him. Votes during the May primary were 2,288 for all the other precincts and 456 for his three precincts.

Henderson was contacted by The Tipton County Tribune and stated, “I can’t believe they hadn’t checked all of the machines out, especially after it had happened to the school board.” As of election night, Henderson had not been contacted by the Tipton County Clerk’s Office to inform him of the mistake.

The county clerks’ office and Mark Regnier, president of the Voting Board, were contacted to find out if anything would be done about the situation. Regnier returned the call and said they are working with MicroVote to see if they can figure out how Henderson’s name was removed from the other precincts. He will let the Tipton Tribune know if they find out.