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Tyner named Elwood Publishing Company General Manager

In 1976, Cindy Tyner began her career at Elwood Publishing Company at the Tipton office as the front desk/receptionist handling the day to day greeting of customers, answering telephone calls, handling classified ads, legal notices, and helping with circulation.

Although she never left the business, Tyner took some time off, or at least went to part time, when she began her family. During this time, she still handled grocery ads, often taking her two children with her on calls. In addition, she filled in at the office covering vacations, sick leaves, and more.

When she returned to full time, Tyner began her advertising career in the Tipton office, moved to Elwood selling advertisement, and eventually became the lead in the Alexandria office advertising.

Shortly before the Alexandria office closed moving operations to the Elwood office, Tyner was promoted to Advertising Director while continuing to serve the advertising needs in Alexandria.

On January 3, Tyner moved into the position of General Manager after various changes in the company. While she will continue with some of the advertising duties, she will oversee the day to day operations of the company and all three of its newspapers. She plans on keeping several of her accounts in Alexandria.

Over the years, Tyner has witnessed numerous changes in the newspaper industry. She recalls the Associated Press machine in the background, typing ads and news articles on typewriters, moving from negative photos to digital photos, the process of cutting out and pasting up ads and news pages. “The process has changed, everything,” she said, “except for burning the plates and putting it on the press.”

She remembers the years of carriers versus the current mailing process of delivery and accounts receivable being done by hand. She said, “Really, everything has changed, except the people still doing their jobs selling ads and writing news stories.”

As the business moves forward with changes in some publication dates for the Tipton and Elwood publications, Tyner said because national news has become so instantly accessible, it it important for the three Elwood Publishing Company papers to cover local news and events. “That is our calling as small local papers,” she said.

“I am very honored to be named General Manager of Elwood Publishing Company. During the past couple of years the pandemic has led me to step into more of a leadership role. Without thinking about it much, I guess I had begun to assume most of the responsibilities. This position will be a challenge but I look forward to working with the staffs of all three newspapers to put out a better news product. Many thanks to the Barnes family for trusting me to watch over the everyday happenings of this business. I want the Alexandria, Elwood and Tipton newspapers to be the local connection to each community. Each paper should be an accurate local news source that people can depend on. Elwood Publishing will not have a huge staff but if the people in the communities will keep us informed we can do so much more. I look forward to the newspapers continuing for many more years while evolving into what our readers want. These are newspapers that have provided a vital community service in three cities for well over 100 years each. I want this legacy to continue,” she said.