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Elwood Public Library to reopen Monday, Aug. 31


The Elwood Public Library will remain closed until Monday, Aug. 31, Jamie Scott, Director of North Madison County Public Library System, said in a statement to the Call-Leader. 

Last Thursday, Scott announced the library’s closure due to a possible COVID-19 exposure between the dates of Aug. 12 and Aug. 14.

“Even though the COVID-19 tests taken by staff members were negative, symptoms can arrive up to 14 days after exposure according to the CDC,” Scott said.

Scott said the library’s staff has taken the virus seriously and has done its best to follow “ever changing” CDC guidelines.

“When we returned to the facilities on April 16, each staff member wore a face mask while working in shared areas,” said Scott. “We have done our best to social distance from each other and patrons.”

Additionally, Scott said safety shields were installed around the circulation desks and staff members answer health screening questions before reporting to work.

“We want to assure the public that the library has and will continue to operate as safely as possible during this pandemic,” she stated.

Scott encourages patrons to treat their visits to the library as a “grab and go” event.

“Wear your masks by making sure they fit properly, covering both your mouth and nose. As much as we want to assist you in the same manner as we did before the virus, it is simply not safe to have extended close contact, even while wearing masks.”

Scott said the Frankton and Summitville branches remain open and ready to serve. Hours of operation are available at




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